Grant Eligibility

The Atkore Family Foundation’s grant process is aligned with company core values.  Atkore’s company culture and performance is grounded in, “Accountability, Teamwork, Integrity, Respect, Excellence”. You can read more about Atkore’s culture.

A grant from the AFF is available for the Atkore employee and employee’s legal dependents for the purposes of providing one-time or short-duration financial relief in a manner that allows an employee to mitigate temporary financial hardship.

The approval of, or the amount of relief approved, is not contingent on status or position of the employee within the company.

A grant from the AFF is also available for employees and their dependents of customers and suppliers of Atkore (see Eligibility Criteria) as well as 501c3 organizations serving the communities in which Atkore operates but only for grants that benefit such communities, and in all cases only upon application by an Atkore employee.

Given the limited amount of funds, all requests cannot be approved even though there may be a clear need for assistance. This fund may be insufficient in the case of widespread disasters, community crises, or war/terrorism.

The Atkore Family Foundation is controlled and administered by a Board of Directors.  All decisions on monetary grants will be made by the Atkore Family Foundation Board, whose decisions are considered final.

Eligibility Criteria

You’re eligible to apply for grant assistance if:

  • You’re a permanent full-time, part-time (> 30 hours per week) Atkore employee for at least 6 months, or a recent retiree (within 6 months).
  • You’re currently an active employee and in good standing (not on final warning)
  • You’ve considered other possible resources, which were not available or are not sufficient to meet the need.
  • You have a temporary1 financial hardship because of an emergency situation.

Employees and dependents of customers and suppliers of Atkore are eligible upon application by an Atkore employee, but only if:

  • The proposed recipient meets the above-listed requirements applicable to Atkore employee recipients, but where applicable, for their own company.
  • The proposed recipient has considered other possible resources, which were not available or are not sufficient to meet the need.
  • The proposed recipient has a temporary1 financial hardship because of an emergency situation.
  • An Atkore Vice President of Sales or Atkore Vice President of Sourcing endorse the application in writing
  • The customer or supplier endorse the AFF grant application
  • The AFF grant must be on top of aid the customer or supplier commit, and
  • The customer or supplier will assist in administering the AFF grant funds

1Temporary means that you were able to manage your finances before but are now several hundred dollars in debt due to an event or situation, where a one-time, short-duration financial grant could mitigate or help regain your financial stability within a couple of months. If your financial problems are longer-standing you may potentially still receive a grant, but would not be eligible to submit a new request for a similar reason.

Qualifying Events

A temporary financial hardship is one caused by a defined, time-limited, specific event such as (non-exclusive list):

  • Death of an immediate family member
  • Natural disasters: Fire, flood, tornado, etc.
  • Medical emergencies: Critical injury, serious illness requiring hospitalization, disability, accidents, or unique medical situations
  • Short-term inability to pay for basic living needs with impact to dependents: Food, housing, water, gas, electricity.

The mission of the Atkore Family Foundation does not provide grants for assistance with divorce, alimony, or child support. Additionally, grants are not provided for general delinquencies with bills unless due to a qualifying event with appropriate supporting documentation.

Award Amount

The average Atkore Family Foundation grant is expected to be $300; no single award will exceed $2,500 within a rolling 12-month period.

Except in extremely special circumstances, relief will not be given more than once to the same employee for the same need, and an award of defined, limited ongoing support will be considered a single award.

An application cannot be submitted more than twice during a rolling 12 month period. Applications for same/similar issues previously denied funding in the same 12-month period will not be accepted.

No award will be given with the intent of supplementing a severance payment.

It is the preference and practice to pay relief to third parties, on behalf of the employee, as opposed to directly to the employee, as practical.

Download the above eligibility guidelines.